Three things to consider for your destination wedding flowers

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3 Things To Consider for your Destination Wedding Flowers

 In my opinion, destination weddings are totally worth the hype! They are gorgeous, unique, and create an everlasting memory for you and your guests. There are a lot of things to think about when planning your destination wedding and I want to help you make sure you don't leave anything out. Here are 3 things to consider for your destination wedding flowers...


1. What Season to Book Your Wedding

   By the time most brides start to book their wedding florist, they have an idea of how they want their wedding flowers to look. Some even have a collection of flowers that MUST be included in their wedding as well as flowers that make the DO NOT USE list. We want our brides to walk out of their bridal suit and see the wedding of their dreams. However, from a flower stand point, there are a LOT of variables that come with a destination wedding.

   If you are a bride that knows exactly what flowers you would like included in your wedding, it is important to know what season those flowers are available. For example, if a bride has to include dahlia's in her bouquet because they hold sentimental value to a family member, she would need to have a summer wedding. Dahlia's are thriving in summer and nearly impossible to find in the winter. Keep in mind that different destinations around the world have weather that is very different to the U.S. and their flower seasons may differ from ours. But this is where it is important to find a florist that has experience with destination weddings or is willing to do the necessary research.

Photo by  Basically Brandy  

Photo by Basically Brandy 

Photo by  Ball Photo Co.

2. Budget and Prioritize

   It is important to have a general budget of how much you would like to spend on your wedding flowers so that when you approach your wedding florist you can communicate that budget with them from the start. I also like to advise my brides to create a general priority list for their wedding flowers. Sometimes the amount brides want to spend on flowers doesn't coincide with what the product actually costs. Other times there are factors outside of the budget that require adjustments to the invoice. Having a priority list of "must haves" and "could live withouts" even helps brides with the biggest wedding budgets figure out what is most important, if for some reason or another, something needs to go. If you can go into it knowing that you will need to be flexible with the process and trust your wedding florist, then it can be such a fun and exciting step to planning your destination wedding. And in the end, the wedding flowers end up being more unique and customized to you. 


3. Travel Fees

   Remember to include travel fees into your wedding flower budget. Don't let this be something that surprises you. Don't let the cost of getting your favorite wedding florist (if thats not me, I 'd love to hear how I can change your opinion! lol) to your wedding, keep you from having everything you want for your wedding flowers. Price it in from the start and communicate your budget with your florist and what you would like to prioritize within your budget (like we talked about in the previous point).

   If you do end up needing to shuffle around your flower order to make it work, be sure to choose a florist that is willing to take the time to brainstorm with you on how to get the biggest bang for your buck and not sacrifice those "must have" items. There are so many reasons to have to adjust an invoice like flower availability, budget constrictions, time constrictions, space constrictions, location constraints or regulations, travel regulations, etc. Customizing packages has turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the job because it creates a final product that is so unique to each client's specific wedding and wedding location. Your florist should be willing to help you feel confident about what you are buying and how your wedding will look. 

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Photo By  Ball Photo Co

Photo By Ball Photo Co