Private label Candle: Official Launch



I am thrilled to officially launch our first limited edition, all natural, private label candle! Our very first fragrance is a sophisticated blend of Autumn Fern & Wild Rose and it’s available just in time for Fall. One of our candles will fill your home with the scent of our flower arrangements, all season long!




I took the time to make our product as environmentally friendly as possible. Our candle is hand poured in the U.S. and made of all natural coconut apricot wax in a painted, glass container. When lit, if you listen closely you can hear the crackling of our natural wood wick. Each candle is adorned with an environmentally friendly paper label and a natural wood lid, also made in the U.S.




With each season a new limited edition fragrance will become available as the previous fragrance fades. That way our candle (and your home) always correlate with the seasonal blooms available to us. It’s like having one of our stunning fresh floral designs in your home all season long!

The fragrance of our candle is not overpowering. It reflects the subtle, fresh aroma of the flower it represents.




I wanted our candle to have a charming yet minimalistic aesthetic. Each candle is embellished by hand with our monarch wax seal and covered by a natural wood lid. Every lid and wax seal are slightly different, giving each candle a one-of-a-kind look. Our candle embodies our brand while maintaining a clean aesthetic that works in any space.


Our private label candles are perfect for gifts, party favors, or spoiling yourself. Gifting one of our candles is gifting the scent of the season.